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Dear Colleagues and Friends

I’ts our honor to welcome you all to the First Monastir International Spine Conference and the 7th Middle East Spine Congress that will be held in Monastir city Tunisia on october 24th, 25 and 26th, 2024.

We are delighted to have our guests from all over the world and we are opened with our hands and  hearts to everyone to join us in this exceptional event.

The scientific and the organizing committees are working hard to ensure a memorable and successful  great meeting.

As we convene in Monastir, almost an island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on its three sides and built on the ruins of the old roman punico town of Ruspina, you will enjoy  it’s  diverse landscapes including its sandy and rocky beaches and also a cliff extendind over nearly 6 km. We believe it provides the perfect setting for this memorial event.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Monastir



1st Monastir International Spine Conference

Chairman : Mehdi DARMOUL

Organizing Committee :

Prof Mehdi Darmoul

Prof Abderrazak Abid

Dr Lassaad Bsili

Dr Atef Ben Ncir

Dr Kais Maamri

Dr Ghassen ElKAHLA

Dr Maher Hadhri

Dr Amine Trifa

Dr Amine Hadj Taieb

Dr Ilyes Krifa

7th MESS Congress

Chairman : Onur YAMAN

Vice chairman : Mehdi DARMOUL

Secretary : Yahya Guvenc